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March 22, 2018

4 Art Piece Trends to Consider For Your Signature Home

The best way to make your apartment feel like a home is by investing in some quality art pieces. At Signature, we encourage you to complement the lovely features of your space with these four art piece trends in 2018.

Iridescent Features

This year, a big trend in the art scene is paintings with iridescent features. Look for a canvas painting with flashes of golds and silvers amidst a sea of matte colors. This feature can play up the luxurious atmosphere of your Signature apartment home. Consider purchasing one like this from Etsy. The calming shades of blue are subtly contrasted by sparkling flecks of gold.

Focus on Primary Colors

Go back to the color basics by choosing art that’s dominated by the primary colors. Hang it in a more neutral-toned room for a bit of added contrast. This piece from Etsy will give your Signature home a bold, beautiful and modern feeling.

Geometric Shapes

For those who don’t want to go too crazy with their art, geometric prints, paintings and sculptures might be what you need. Geometric wall art provides both a clean and subtle effect to any room. The stripped back quality of this wood art piece will give your space a modern aura.

Crafty Art

Etsy has proven throughout the years that we’re making a return to handmade art and finding value in customized goods. For a simple and easy decor solution, consider purchasing a wall print from an Etsy seller like this Phases of the Moon collection.

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