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The Vision Behind Signature


Signatures. They adorn our love letters and our credit cards. They might be as simple as an X or as memorable as John Hancock’s, but no two are exactly alike – that’s part of their magic.

Likewise, the Signature building was created to be distinctive and personal. The varied spaces cater to the individuality of our residents; the quality of design speaks to their high standards. In a world of copies and repeats, you can enjoy an original.



A plum site demands an exceptional building – and Shalom Baranes Associates delivered. Designed to LEED Silver standards for green building, the property’s cluster of two high-rise and two low-rise buildings – each unique –integrates extensive amenities amid varied residences and inspired outdoor spaces. The recipient of more than 100 design awards, the D.C. based firm is known for doing urban architecture right.

“The design vision behind Signature is to connect these new buildings to the established Reston Town Center landscape and adjacent park. We designed ground-level retail and open spaces to draw interest and mesh with the streetscape, while a series of outdoor ‘rooms’ create gardens that the buildings are organized around, letting residents experience the benefits of a natural connection throughout their day.”

Robert Sponseller


Hartman Design Group drew upon more than two decades worth of award-winning design experience to deliver a distinctive, relaxed, timeless atmosphere for this truly exceptional community.

“Our goal for Signature was to create a design as distinctive as one’s own signature. To do so, our team devised the concept of bringing the outdoors in, with the ground floors echoing earth tones, and the upper floors reflecting the natural colors found in the sky. This design beautifully complements the architect’s intent, and fulfilled the developer’s vision.”

Phyllis Hartman


Signature is one of the last sites in Reston Town Center’s Urban Core available for development – so Boston Properties has been fully invested in getting it right. As the owner of over 4 million square feet of Reston Town Center properties, the firm is dedicated and heavily invested in to ensuring the Town Center remains a dynamic, inspiring, welcoming, event-filled downtown.

“Reston Town Center has long been a national model for mixed-use development and with that comes a responsibility to properly build upon the Town Center’s unique live-work-play environment. To do so for this special site we enlisted an all-star team of designers and consultants and truly think they have delivered a project that all stakeholders will be proud of.”

Rich Ellis