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August 24, 2018

4 Ways to Meet Your Neighbors at Signature

Moving into a new apartment community can open doors to meeting new people. Signature offers countless of opportunities to get to know your neighbors. When you move into your new home, take advantage of all the ways you can meet your neighbors at Signature. Here are just a few settings that can be a comfortable way to introduce yourself and connect with others at Signature.

Resident Events

We strive to build a community for our residents. Through resident events we hope to make it easy to meet your neighbors. Mark your calendars to attend our fun resident events, including outdoor movie nights, paint and sips, pool parties, resident breakfast, and more. Why are resident events the perfect place to meet your neighbors? We’ve created a space for gathering and an activity that can spark conversation comfortably and with ease.

Fitness Classes

Signature’s SkyTop fitness center and yoga studio creates an opportunity to meet your neighbors with a common interest, working out. While you may be at different levels and have differing goals, the fitness center can be a time to motivate each other. Signature offers fitness classes that can bring people together. Ask your neighbor what their fitness goals are or see if they want to do a walking/running challenge with you. You might even gain a workout buddy.

Community Spaces

If you’re truly wanting to meet your neighbors at Signature, don’t shy away from our numerous community spaces. Watch sports in the clubroom and ask your neighbor to join you in a game of billiards. Or hang out by the pool deck with snacks and drinks to share. Maybe you grab a book and read in the art-filled cozy library. You can spark conversation around books your reading. Our social spaces are designed to be used for just that, socializing.

Reston Town Center Events

Living at Signature means you’re within walking distance to Reston Town Center. You’re bound to run into your neighbors since there is always a fun event or delicious restaurant to try out. Reston Town Center events are also perfect opportunities to invite your neighbors to spend time outside of Signature.

Go ahead, break the ice! What do you have to lose? Meeting your neighbors at Signature doesn’t have to be a challenge. We hope you take steps to connect with your neighbors around Signature.

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