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September 21, 2018

3 Signature Two Bedroom Home Decorating Tips and Tricks

Signature offers a variety of floor plans to match your lifestyle. Maybe you’re looking for a little more space or you’re living with someone. The Signature two bedroom home is great for both scenarios. You can even turn your second bedroom into a multipurpose living space. Create an office space, game room or a cozy lounge. With more space comes more decorating. Use these decorating tips and tricks to spruce up your Signature two bedroom apartment.

Make a Statement

Neutral floors and walls are great for letting you create a space uniquely yours. Think of your space as a blank canvas. Make each room pop with a vibrant statement furniture piece. A patterned chair, painted wood furniture or a colored couch are great for brightening up a room.

Embrace Color

Don’t be afraid to add color to your space beyond furniture. Home accessories and art can help you turn your neutral home into an inviting space. Find accent pillows and blankets for your living room and bedroom. Use plants in decorative pots to add natural color to your space. Also, hang art that is rich in color or, for not so colorful art, choose a bright frame to bring it to life.

Rugs Are Your Best Friend

Make any space instantly cozier with a rug. Don’t be afraid to layer rugs. Whether you’re layering a smaller rug on top of a larger rug or maybe layering a rug on carpet. Layering rugs add texture and make your space pop. For example, maybe you lay down a large jute rug in the living space with a small patterned rug that sits under the coffee table.

With more space to get creative, have fun with these decorating tips and tricks in your Signature two bedroom home. Find ways to make your space unique and feel like home.

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