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April 29, 2019

Enjoy a Cup of Tea at the Cozy Elden Street Tea Shop

The Elden Street Tea Shop not only creates community by offering hot cups of tea in a cozy setting, it also gives back to the community beyond its doors. Every few months, the tea shop selects three new local charity organizations to support. At the end of the quarter, it donates a portion of its proceeds to those charities.

If you want to be part of the tea shop’s mission, stop by for a cup and a snack. The cute cafe boasts a wide variety of teas to try, including lots of specialty leaves you wouldn’t find at your typical coffee shop. Since you can also buy teas in bulk, feel free to step into the retail room and scout out the type of tea you want to try (or grab some to take home). Pair your hot cup of tea with a small snack, like a pastry, as you enjoy the welcoming and cozy atmospher.

Elden Street Tea Shop, Reston Town Center