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May 26, 2020

Restock Your Fridge and Cabinets at the Whole Foods Market in Reston

Now more than ever, our communities are recognizing the importance of fueling our bodies with healthy, clean foods. One perfect place to shop for food that fits the bill? Whole Foods, and we’re lucky to have one right in Reston. 

Much more than a standard grocery store, Whole Foods prides themselves in providing customers with all that they need, while supporting local and global communities through partnerships and foundations. One neat initiative not many know about is their local community giving, where local team members select a local organization each month to receive a donation from Whole Foods. It’s great to see large, national organizations supporting the communities they operate within. 

When you shop with them you can get all the staples. Organic produce and meats, all the household staples, frozen meals and meals from the prepared to-go bar if you’re not in the mood to cook. The Reston location also boasts fun features like kombucha on tap, make your own OJ station, grind your own nut butters and grocery delivery through Amazon if you don’t want to leave your apartment. Stay well, eat well and shop at Whole Foods!