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August 28, 2020

Sip an Organic Smoothie at Sweet Leaf in Reston

Sweet Leaf, the fast-casual cafe located at Reston Station, was already well known for its healthy and organic salads and sandwiches. But lately this place has been generating buzz with a few significant changes. First, the restaurant has adapted to include contactless take-out, grab-and-go, and delivery options, and garnered praise for the staff’s efficiency and care.

But perhaps more excitingly, Sweet Leaf has also rolled out an overhauled menu, utilizing locally sourced produce and dairy products. The elote avocado toast, tofu tango salad, and berry blanco smoothie are just a few of the menu items that might become your new favorites. If you have little ones, the kids’ menu can be a lifesaver, allowing you to make healthy choices without causing a fuss. And if you just want to treat yourself, check out the house ice cream, shakes, and froyo.

Download the restaurant’s  app and you’ll get $2 off your next meal.