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November 02, 2020

Register Online Now for the Reston Pumpkin 5K

Looking for a way to get outside and have some active fun with friends? The Reston Pumpkin 5K is making it easy—and keeping things virtual. Instead of gathering for the annual race, you simply register online and run the race any time between now and the end of November.
You’re free to run the 5K anywhere, too, perhaps with a friend or two jogging by your side in person. Not quite ready to run a 5K? Take the Movement Challenge instead. This alternative inspires you to log 500, 700, or 1,000 "moving minutes" over the course of the month, a great way to stay motivated as the weather gets cooler. Any type of movement counts, from running to yoga. There’s also a virtual one-mile run/walk if you want to start there!