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December 03, 2020

Holiday Decorations to DIY This Season

If you’re just starting to decorate for the holidays, you might already be falling behind your neighbors! Here are a few DIY decorations you can toss together (and catch up quickly).

Brass Ring Wreath [Sugar and Charm]

If the classic evergreen-and-red-bow wreath doesn’t suit your style, maybe this modern version of a holiday wreath will work a little better. Instead of greenery, it enlists a simple brass ring to form the body of the wreath. With dainty touches like pine cones, holly berries, and dried greens and flowers, it’s a contemporary take on a holiday classic.

Felt Garland [Tell, Love, & Party]

This cheery garland is so simple, it only requires two materials: twine and a colorful variety of felt. Once you cut the felt into half-inch by five-inch strips, you simply tie each ribbon in a knot around the twine. Change up the angle each time to create a fuller 3D effect, and hang the resulting garland in your living room to bring the holiday cheer!

Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets [Finding Home Farms]

Looking for a simple way to spread some holiday joy? Announce its arrival with a trio of festive galvanized buckets. Find a set of buckets online or at the craft store, along with a chalk pen, some checkered red-and-white ribbon, and a few strings of battery-powered holiday lights and faux evergreen branches. Write one letter of the word “J-O-Y” on each of the buckets, then fill them up with the other holiday accents and cluster them in your entryway!