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February 03, 2021

Opening This Month: F45 Training Reston Town Center!

The past months of staying at home have been a challenge for everyone, not only mentally, but also physically. Working in an office naturally lends itself to being more active—trips to the water cooler, the coffee maker, maybe a lunchtime walk. If your New Year’s resolution was to move more, but you’re still working from home, F45 Training can help. It’s hosting a grand opening soon, and it’s located right downstairs in our retail space.

So it couldn’t be easier to squeeze in a workout before the day begins or over your lunch break. As its name suggests, F45 squeezes an intense workout into a mere 45 minutes. The goal is to burn around 750 calories per session, using a mix of cardio and resistance training. That generally includes functional movements (think jumps and squats), which can be tailored to your level of fitness. Three days a week focus on cardio, another three on resistance training, and Saturdays are a mash-up of both. Sign up, mask up, and head downstairs to try the workout for yourself!