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April 02, 2021

Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter (Besides Dyeing Eggs)

Easter is upon us! When it comes to fun and festive ways to celebrate this spring holiday, think beyond the food coloring and hard-boiled eggs. Below, discover some creative ways to celebrate Easter. One of them might even become a new tradition for you and your loved ones!

  • Craft your own Easter bonnets. The larger and more outlandish, the better! Pull on some white gloves and pin on a corsage while you’re at it.
  • Host an egg hunt or egg roll. Have them right in your apartment, or head outside to a local park. Opt for plastic eggs over the real thing in case any go missed or get dropped!
  • Make bunny-shaped foods. Buy a rabbit-shaped cookie cutter and have bunny-shaped pancakes for breakfast, followed by bunny-shaped sandwiches for lunch.
  • Plant flowers. Get your hands dirty by potting some flowering annuals or houseplants to perch near a sunny window.
  • Get crafty. Head to the local craft store for pre-assembled craft kids, or go the DIY route by searching for Easter craft ideas on Pinterest.