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March 31, 2022

Jokes and Hoaxes for April Fools’ Day

Everyone loves to get into the fun on April Fools Day! Check out some of these silly high jinks that will be fun no matter who is on the receiving end. 

For any parents out there, check out some of these fun tricks to celebrate April 1st with your kiddos. 

Serve up some foolish foods. Instead of a typical breakfast like sunny side up eggs, serve them up some vanilla yogurt with a half-circle of canned peaches on top. Or, switch out the bags of two different kinds of cereal and watch their face when they pour a bowl of the wrong cereal. 

Now, for any kids looking to celebrate April Fools Day and play some tricks themselves- here are some ideas for you. 

Tell your parents you are making seafood, then put googly eyes on your favorite snack, and let the laughs roll in. Or, make some “Brown-Es!” Instead of traditional brownies, cut out the letter ‘e’ from brown construction paper.

As long as you keep the jokes and hoaxes super light-hearted, fun, and silly, then there is no way to go wrong when celebrating April Fools Day.