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May 15, 2022

Wear Purple for Peace Day

Every year Wear Purple for Peace Day is observed on May 16th. For no particular rhyme or reason, just a simple reminder to celebrate peace. May 16th is a reminder to always promote peace, kindness, friendship, and unity. There never needs to be an excuse to remind yourself and those around you, about the importance of peace.

Webster’s dictionary defines ‘peace’ as untroubled by conflict, agitation, or commotion; devoid of violence or force. Right now, is the perfect time to be reminded of the definition of peace. Not only reminded but also practice preaching peace.

Now if anyone is wondering about the history of Wear Purple for Peace Day, it’s a bit strange. It started as an unnamed someone who became fearful that alien space beings would believe that Earthlings are too hostile. (No, this is not made up.) This person believed wearing purple would show the aliens that the people of Earth are peaceful and welcome a visit of outer space beings. (Yes, this is actually the history of Wear Purple for Peace Day.)

So, no matter what the reason, celebrate Wear Purple for Peace Day by, you guessed it, wearing purple!